Photography By Duane

“My Uncle has a camera, why can’t he do the same thing you do?”

There are some very common mistakes that most armatures will make, that will ruin your special day. I will address a few of them.

Red Eye – This is a photographic problem that occurs when the flash bounces off the retina and produces red spots on the iris in the image. A professional photographer will know that the way to combat this is indirect flash. In a studio you see umbrellas; this distributes the light over a wider area and prevents harsh shadows and Redeye.

Raccoon eye on outdoor photos – The image was shot midday outside with a lovely fountain as a backdrop. The sky was crystal blue, an absolutely perfect day. Uncle John uses his camera on an automatic setting, so the correct exposure will be chosen. When the image is printed everyone in the picture looks like they haven’t slept in days. They have dark circles under their eyes and dark areas under their nose. The mistake Uncle made was letting the camera tell him he didn’t need flash. Unless it is overcast sky you always use a flash outside. This removes the dark circles.

Under and Over Exposure – Most digital cameras today have an automatic setting that looks through the lens and selects the proper exposure for you. So what is the problem? The answer, cameras are dumb. They can’t adjust for the unseen. For instance you are taking a photo of the kids in the snow. The camera looks at the amount of light and selects the proper settings. The image is printed the snow looks like a dingy gray, what happened?  Snow can fool a camera by reflecting to much light. To correct this you over expose the image by a few steps, this will make the snow look white again.