About Us

Owners Duane & Sybrena Gillespie


From the Gaelic word Reflections, Faileas Creations mirrors the resourcefulness and drive of living deep in the Mountains of Western North Carolina. That isolation taught by our grandparents, forced the ingenuity that we stand for. 



“From the Garden of Faileas Creations”


“From the Garden of Faileas Creations” we have harvested seeds and gourds. Our little 20 foot by 30 foot backyard garden is all it takes to make a moderate selection. Our soaps are made from the fresh herbs grown. Shea butter and oatmeal moisturizer and conditions the skin leaving it radiant and healthy. 



Craft Show Event

 Faileas Creations has made a must see line that is made from recycled materials. Butterflies from soda bottles. Beads made from paper. Pendants made from plastic bags. 

  Faileas Creations isn’t just jewelry, it isn’t just soap or it isn’t just seeds. Faileas Creations is protection the environment by wearing Green Gold.



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