The Power of a Womans Voice on the Husband


“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.”  — Franz Schubert

My last article was one on the plight of the New York Jets. It focused on the overall rebuild and specifically the receivers and Eric Decker. I speculated then that perhaps Decker might be the next to go and sure enough the Jets cut him. This article is not as much about where he might land but something we as fans dismiss easily.

Like most NFL players Eric Decker has a wife and a family. Families are the forgotten part of the package when we look at it from the outside. When we hear of players changing teams we think of only how that will affect the teams, receiving and departing. We give little to no thought on the mental stress the player and his family must endure with the upheaval. All married players are a team of two, the player and the wife. Make no mistake a wife’s voice carries the weight of an entire offensive line. When a player becomes a Free Agent, or is cut he must decide what is the best fit for his career, but that is only a small part. He must decide if the city is a fit. How are the schools. How will it affect my wife’s career? Make no mistake, her voice carries a lot of weight.

When players are married to famous women as Decker is, country singer Jessie James Decker, that voice is even louder. Most of the early reports have mentioned the Ravens, Buffalo, and the Eagles as possible landing spots. I heard a report today that Decker was visiting the Titans. Which at first, I was skeptical of the need. Why would the Titans sign him when they have such good young receivers? Well, put aside the fact that he, when healthy, is a stud. I feel confident in saying there is a voice in his ear saying wouldn’t be nice to be so close to my work. The fact that he visited the Titans in the Country Music Capital of the World is no coincidence. Why would he not want to come to Nashville? I think this will be the landing spot for him if the Titans are serious about having him. Personally, I would love it. I like Decker and for him to be matched up with a up and coming team and QB it could be great for all involved. Now I know it will depress the value of Corey Davis, but Decker is no spring chicken and has had multiple injuries over the last couple of seasons.

I don’t want to get to deep into the weeds of his Fantasy value as a Titan, or how it affects other players, I want to bring it back to his wife. As a married man, myself I can attest to the fact that I am the happiest when my very strong-willed wife is happy. Jessie James Decker is not the only famous wife of a player. Tom Brady is married to super model Gisele Bundchen. Brady is locked into one more season for sure but beyond that who knows. At  this point in his career Brady must decide every offseason about life after football. Bundchen said in an interview on CBS This Morning program that Brady played through a concussion last season. I bring this up not to cast shade on Brady or Bundchen but to highlight the fact that a wife will have a level of knowledge that NO one else will have. She will know things that coaches, owners, agents, and fans will never know. She will always be his biggest supporter and closest confidant. This is the way it should be.

When we hear of the next big move or decision that a player makes, let us remember. As fans our voice is at the bottom of the list. Players will talk to their agents, to their coaches, maybe to the owners, but will listen closest to the single most powerful voice known to man. The powerful voice of his wife.


Dedicated to My Queen

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